“Młode Wilki (Young Wolves)” is an art festival addressed to students of Art Academies and non-studying people (whose age limit is up to 25 years old) interested in contemporary art issues.

The name of the festival refers to the cult polish film from 1995 (“Smugglers” dir. Jarosław Żamojda (direct translation of polish title Young Wolves)), which takes place in Szczecin. The festival is organized by the Academy of Arts in Szczecin (Poland).

The most important elements of the festival are exhibitions & presentations of student’s works, series of lectures on the contemporary art practice, concerts and a competition.

For the competition we accept project from the diverse field of contemporary art: experimental films, video-art, performance, sound-art, sculptures, installations, concepts of unrealized or impossible for realization artistic projects.

15 to 20 of the submitted projects are selected to be shown during the Festival in the form of exhibitions, projections or presentations and from them the Jury selects the Grand Prix.

curators of Młode Wilki Festival:
Łukasz Jastrubczak
Anna Orlikowska
Organized by:
Akademia Sztuki w Szczecinie
e-mail: mlodewilki@akademiasztuki.eu